As a full-time professional musician for over 15 years, I have been playing locally and abroad since graduating with a B.A. from The University of Maryland in 2000.  I play both acoustic and electric guitar--from Spanish guitar to hard rock. I have played small venues as a soloist and large (stadium) venues as lead guitarist in bands in the U.S. and internationally.

At UMD, I was the 1st chair guitarist in the jazz big band for 2 years while studying jazz guitar with renowned instructor and guitarist Gerry Kunkle along with completing studies in orchestration and jazz improvisation. Before college, I studied flamenco guitar for several years with the finest performer and teacher in the DC area--Paco de Malaga.  And while studying at Montgomery College, I had the good fortune of studying jazz guitar with Jake Sheffer, classical guitar with Walt Johns and jazz combo performance with Mark Cook.  I returned to school and earned a certificate in composition (MC '11).  

Performing is always a thrill for me, as is composition. I have composed music for a number of T.V. shows and commercial recordings, including the award-winning album "Oye Chica" from my band Trio Caliente ( I compose for solos, duets, small groups and orchestras. The other aspect of music that I enjoy is teaching lessons.  I actually learn something new as I work with each client and attempt to tailor the classes according to the students' level and musical goals while keeping it fun!